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What our students are saying

From all backgrounds, and all ages, there’s one thing in common – how delighted our students are that they took the Superbrain Programme.

I’ve significantly improved my organisation of ideas and note-taking, which has brought unexpected benefits such as being able to contribute better in meetings by needing to concentrate less on taking notes.

Matthew Smith


Using the memory techniques, never again will I go into a busy room and forget someone’s name once they have introduced themselves, nor will I doubt myself when undertaking a complex task with a tight deadline.

Tristan Cox

Associate Solicitor

The course was amazing and has truly changed the way I learn raw information and new concepts. I found myself using the techniques immediately after the course!

Tulsi Patel

GCSEs Student

The Superbrain course is a truly dynamic experience! The results achieved during just the immersive weekend truly astonished me.

Sabrina Brown

Student of Medicine

It’s truly wonderful to feel empowered by someone who believes in you. I have already recommend Superbrain to my friends. Keep up the good work!

Sam Liu

Business Owner & Developer

Francesa is a wonderful trainer and always ready to help! She helped me a lot with learning Arabic and understanding how to mind map. I still use the skills i learnt till this day. I know I can turn to her whenever I need help!

Zuber Mohamed

Business Owner & Coach

The Superbrain course was great in showing me the techniques to use to memorise and take in information much faster than I could have imagined.

Akaash Patel

Student, Mathematics, Oxford University

I managed to double the speed at which I am reading. This was really useful as I could go though 100 pages per day in an efficient manner.

Alexandru M. Matei


A new way of making learning more time efficient. A super concept for any age group. Would definitely recommend to families.

Preeti Patel

Payroll Clerk

The speed reading and memorisation training is powerful and the trainers really care about you and your results.

Abdul Khan

Senior Insurance Advisor

Superbrain is an incredible course; the time saved through use of the techniques they taught has allowed me to not only achieve more in my career but also give me time to take up a new hobby.

Gracie Woolf


Thanks to the techniques learnt, I managed to improve my reading efficiency by 7x. Being dyslexic, this is a dream come true!

Elisabetta Grimi

Primary School Teacher

I met and was trained by Francesca 5 years ago and she is an extraordinary Trainer. Her goal is to make sure that people around her grow, so she is straight forward in telling you what you need to hear, as she puts your growth first

Jennifer Marchesi

Student, Literature

There is no doubt that this has improved not only my general attitude towards learning, but also opened doors for me to professional opportunities that I would not have otherwise been prepared to accept and perform.

John McGaharan

Quality Assurance Manager

The techniques have provided a significant improvement in my ability to absorb, analyse and remember large amounts of information and consequently an improvement in the service I provide to my clients.

Christopher Burgon

Litigator & Firm Owner

I am exceptionally pleased with the results of the course. I am truly grateful to have had the luck to come across Superbrain.

Thank you to the team.

Matteo Sannia

Sales Representative

There was never a moment where we didn’t know what to do and always something extra we could do to get ourselves to the next level.

Audrey Elphinestone-Roe

Medical Secretary

Superbrain is super and so is Francesca! I never thought I’d be able to memorise anything as quickly as I have been able to since taking the course.

Jasmeet Chadha


I would recommend Francesca to anyone looking to achieve great results that may require that extra little bit of motivation.

Brett Dodge

Senior Administrative Assistant

Attending your Superbrain course was the most eye opening experience I have ever had. Not only did you help me with memory techniques but also improved my reading speed.

Vishal Sanghvi


After learning speed reading techniques I was able to improve my speed reading by 5x, that made my work life much easier!

Noita Sadler

Head of Public Affairs

The course provided me with a new way to structure and repackage new knowledge or concepts even faster.  I found an enjoyable new way to memorise it long-term in no time.

Lukas Restle

Senior Consultant

Your goal, is Francesca’s goal!  While having a lot of fun she makes sure you get a great result. I can highly recommend working with her because she wants you to succeed!

Quirin Josef Silbernagl

Master Thesis Student

Thanks to the Superbrain course studying has become a pleasure.
Superbrain is effective because it’s tailored for everyone who wants to improve themselves. It showed me my strengths and how to highlight them, following the best method to strengthen my abilities.
Isabel Cortinovis


I think SuperBrain is founded by people that genuinely want to assist others in becoming better versions of themselves. The passion visible when then teach and their attention to detail alone is inspiring.

Marcus Robinson

IT Consultant

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