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Read 3x Faster and Remember Anything

With the in-person Superbrain Cognitive Performance Programme, your life will never be ordinary again.


Superbrain will drastically enhance  your cognitive performance

We’ll train your 4 cognitive performance stages with the most advanced techniques in the world, allowing you to perform at your true potential.

Super Focus

What if you could switch on full concentration while being completely relaxed before and during any task, ensuring you always perform at your best?

Super Reading

What if you could read more books, documents and emails at least 3x faster than your current speed, while maintaining your comprehension level?

Super Processing

What if you could deeply understand and organise your workload and learning, and get more done with clearer focus, less stress and better results?

Super Memory

What if you could rapidly memorise anything by reading or listening to it just once, and remember it all for as long as you want with ease and without repetition?

Superbrain gives you complete peace of mind

We’re so confident in our programme that we offer a 100% money back guarantee in the unlikely event that the techniques don’t work on you.

Superbrain will transform many areas of your life

Superbrain is designed to bring real, permanent and tangible results into key areas your life.

Accelerate Your Career

With the Superbrain techniques, your productivity drastically increases, you’re able to perform efficiently at what you do, acquire new skills, set and achieve higher goals, and become an expert in any field you choose – allowing you to stand out from the crowd.


Gain Academic Success

With the ability to focus powerfully, read much faster, understand deeply and to memorise anything instantly without repetition – studying for exams becomes highly effective, ensuring you’ll excel with ease.


Speak Confidently In Public

Ensure you get your message across, remembering all you need to say, when you need to say it and deliver it how you want to. Superbrain enables you to develop the ability to express yourself in an organic way and to feel confident.

Learn New Languages Quickly

Learning a second, third or even fourth language is considered to be one of the most significant skills one can learn. And yet, the sacrifice in time, energy and money makes it a challenge. One of the Superbrain goals is to make learning languages easy.


Become Great At Networking

Remembering people’s names and any other details they share becomes simple with the Superbrain Method. With this unique advantage, rapport building becomes a powerful tool to connect with many people on a deeper level, and to produce many more opportunities. 


Setup or Grow Your Business

Whether you’re an established or aspiring entrepreneur, Superbrain allows you to gain vast sums of knowledge in your field in a short amount of time, uncover critical thinking, learn new skills quickly, develop new products and services, present powerfully to clients, and grow your team. 

Be Better Organised and Save Time

Make your planning easy to stick to, and make sure that you can get things done in the most efficient possible way. Time is the most valuable resource you’re given, it is fundamental to use it at your best. Apply the method in your work, studies and personal life and feel the benefits of knowing you have time to deal with all you have to do.


Gain Confidence & Reduce Anxiety

Improving your cognitive performance abilities allows you to achieve your goals faster, and with ease. This brings inner confidence, lowers stress and anxiety and makes you stronger in your skills and in your self beliefs. Feel limitless and achieve more.


What our students are saying

Our students come from a mix of backgrounds with one thing in common – they want to drastically improve their cognitive abilities. 

After learning speed reading techniques I was able to improve my reading speed by 5x, that made my work life much easier!

Noita Sadler

Head of Public Affairs

Not only did you help me with memory techniques but also improved my reading speed. Thank you so much for your help and effort.

Vishal Sanghvi


I’m now far more organised and no longer forget things like peoples names when attending networking events. I would strongly recommend the course to anyone looking to improve themselves and take their career to the next level!

Philip Francis

Head of Sales, UBS

Never again will I go into a busy room and forget someone’s name once they have introduced themselves, nor will I doubt myself when undertaking a complex task with a tight deadline. 

Tristan Cox

Associate Solicitor

Superbrain is an in-person immersive training experience

The main component of the programme is one full immersion weekend, over which you’ll acquire the majority of the transformational techniques. 

Pre-assessment and Evaluation

3 Full Days Immersive Training Experience

6 Months Follow-Up Sessions

Lifetime Access To Resources & Trainers

Superbrain is individually tailored to you and your requirements

Whether you’re 14 or 85, a student or professional, we know that everyone has individual learning models and requirements, which is why our programme is individually tailored to each student.

Book Your Free Discovery Session Now

Find out how to drastically improve your cognitive performance to become extraordinary. Attend your Free Discovery Session at our branch in 125 Kingsway, Holborn, London, WC2B 6NH.

Your discovery session will last for around 2 hours, and will be held at 125 Kingsway, Holborn, London, WC2B 6NH. The venue is right opposite Holborn Station, and you'll be emailed all the details once you book your seat.

What you'll learn at the session...

Your 4 stages of Cognitive Performance

The session will be highly interactive and fun giving you deeper insight about how our brain is designed to work and how you're currently using it. You'll learn about the stages of Cognitive Performance and how we can access the brain's true power.

Understand your current abilities

We want you to leave with a better understanding about yourself - so we'll conduct some simple tests to give you insight into how your brain are currently functioning and what areas can be improved and how.

See live applications of the techniques

We don't want your discovery session to be just theory based - which is why we'll show you mind-blowing applications of some of the Superbrain techniques so you can actually witness the power of Superbrain.

How the programme can help you

At the end of the Discovery Session we'll explain how the Superbrain Programme works giving you the option to signup for the programme with a special promotion which is only available at the Discovery Session.

Let’s connect

Superbrain Ltd. 125 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6NH

T: +44 (0) 20 3150 3836