Read 3x Faster, Process Better and Remember Everything

With the 36 Hour Superbrain mental efficiency programme, your work and study life will never be ordinary again

The Superbrain programme is designed to drastically enhance your mental efficiency

We teach advanced mental efficiency techniques, which include speed reading, deeper understanding and memorisation

Read 3x Faster

Read more books, documents and emails at least twice as fast as your current speed, while maintaining your comprehension level

Process Better

Better understand and organise your workload and learning, and get more done with clearer focus, less stress and better results

Remember Anything

Learn anything once and remember everything you want for as long as you want with ease and without repetition

The Superbrain guarantee gives you complete peace of mind

We are so confident in our course that we offer a full money back guarantee in the unlikely event that the techniques don’t work on you


A full money back guarantee if the techniques don't work on you

Retake the course within a year from any of the monthly courses

Continuous access to our mentors by phone or email for a year

Superbrain greatly improves your mental efficiency in many areas of your life

Below are the practical applications of Superbrain, to bring real, permanent and tangible changes into your life

Become better organised

Enhance your problem solving skills

Learn new foreign languages quickly

Memorise complex formulas and data

Perform confidently in meetings

Remember people's names instantly

Acquire new skills quickly

Excel at every exam with ease

Improve your focus and concentration

Memorise complex passwords and codes

Mind map to achieve greater efficiency

Get more done and feel extraordinary

Achieve better time management

Consume more books quickly and easily

Become a confident public speaker

Lower stress levels and improve relaxation

 What Our Students Say

Francesca has enabled me to read 3 times faster, remember any material I want for the long term, significantly improve my organisation of ideas and note-taking, and build my confidence to accomplish my goals in areas that I previously struggled with.

Matt Smith, Actuary

The course has opened doors for me to professional opportunities that I would not have otherwise been prepared to accept and perform.

John McGarahan, Sales Representative

This has helped me to completely revolutionise the way I learn, read, take notes and memorise various things - it's completely paid off!

Alexandru Matei, Biotechnologist

They showed me how to accelerate the speed that I can read, simplify complex texts to make it quicker and easier to understand facts and concepts, and remember anything.

Tristan Cox, Associate Solicitor

A new way of making learning more time efficient. A super concept for any age group. Would definitely recommend to families. Thank you to the wonderful team of superbrain.

Preeti Patel, Payroll Clerk

Using the techniques I’ve been taught has resulted in a significant improvement in my ability to absorb, analyse and remember large amounts of information and consequently an improvement in the service I provide to my clients. I recommend without hesitation that you engage these services straightaway.

Christopher Burgon, Litigator

The course was amazing and has truly changed the way I learn raw information and new concepts.

Tulsi Patel, Student

The speed reading and memorisation training is powerful and the trainers really care about you and your results. Would highly recommend this to any kind of professional.

Abdul Khan, Senior Insurance Advisor

Superbrain is a 36 hour programme that will drastically transform your work and studies 

The main component of the course is one full immersion weekend, over which you’ll acquire the majority of the transformational techniques 

Pre-Course Testing & Evaluation

Full Immersion Weekend

Bespoke Mentoring With Trainers

1 Full Day Follow-Up Training

Our supervalues

We believe that real tangible skills give people choice, and choice is freedom. Our values are geared to allow our focus to be on your results

Results driven

Honest and transparent

Innovation focused

Whether you’re 14 or 85, a student or a lawyer, in healthcare or finance, Superbrain is designed for you

At Superbrain, we know that everyone has individual learning requirements, which is why our course is tailored to suit individuals within various industries








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